Cara Francis
Happy To See You
@Gray Spaces: Clusterf*ck
January 13, 2018 @ 8pm
Tickets: $25 (+Free Drink) –>  

Hi, I’m Happy To See You. You may be selected to dialogue with me, a friendly virtual assistant. If selected, you will be truly seen by your friends, your peers, some strangers and a complicated series of algorithms collecting your data directly from your mind’s eye. I love you and I don’t know you but I feel like I’m inside your house two years ago making friends with your cat in that video you posted and laughing and laughing at how great you are. 

Cara Francis is a writer, performer, video artist and New York Neo-Futurist. Her installation work includes “Stand” (Brooklyn Museum, IPA), “Remote” (Trouw, Amsterdam, NE, New Museum for AUNTSisdance, First Person View, The Knockdown Center). Press includes Village Voice, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Vice’s MOTHERBOARD and Bedford+Bowery. Happy To See You premiered at the Print Screen Festival in Tel Aviv and has been seen at Automata Arts, Los Angeles and at the Collapsable Hole in NY with the NY Neo-Futurists. She has written for Reductress, Internet Action Force and PYPO and her original musical, Fantasy Grandma’s Live From the Silent View Home for the Elderly was part of Ars Nova’s 2017 ANTFest. She performs as Jane B, the grandma with the silver Q-tip head. 

Script by Cara Francis
Performed by Cara Francis and YOU
VR by Cara Francis, Matt Romein, Javier Molina, Dalton Pachulski
3D Avatar by Ziv Schneider
Sound by Sony A.I. and Cara Francis